With a resurgence in street art murals we are now seeing it cross over into the advertising world.  Street murals are the new billboard for your company allowing an interactive experience for the consumer and your client.  Thus creating a higher visual impact for the passers-by. 

We specialize in painted murals, advertisement, logos, stenciled signage, design specific interior artworks and TV/Movie set backdrops. We also offer artists for live painting at company events, festivals and parties. No project is too big or too small we can create or recreate something unique to make your brand, store front, home or work space look like no other.


XL Street Murals is the vision of New Zealand Mural and Graffiti Artist Guy Ellis aka Dcypher, who is back in New Zealand after living in Los Angeles for the past decade.

Working all over the US, traveling to other parts of the world and back to New Zealand to paint, Guy has completed various large scale murals and advertisements for the New Zealand Transport Agency, Converse, Microsoft and Marvel.  He has painted mural art work specifically for the TV shows, Sons of Anarchy, Silicon Valley, NCIS and movies such as Captain America Civil War, Ready Player One and Lego 2. Also working as a key artist for Street Art guru's- Oi You! Guy recently worked on custom artworks for the Christchurch City Council and The Christchurch Airport.